Who can join the challenge?

The CTF challenge is open for general public. 

However the main prize - 1 week visit to Trend Micro research center in Canada - will be awarded to the best student's team in the final round. 


The main prize is 1 week visit to Trend Micro research center in Canada (including transportation and hotel). The prize will be awarded to the best student's team in the final round. To claim the prize - ALL members of the team must be able to prove their student status and must be at least 18 years old at the day of final.

There will be also additional prizes for the best 3 teams in the final round (despite their members are students or not).


Registration for the challenge will be available from September 29th to October 13th at the page: ctfprague.trendmicro.com. Registered teams will be invited to the online qualifying round. The registration requires a valid email address that can be used for communication between Trend Micro and the team.

Qualifying round:

The qualifing round will open for registered teams from October 13th 17:00 to October 14 17:00 (CET). Top 10 teams will be invited for the final round. 

Final round:

The final round will require presence of the teams. It will be organized in Prague on premises of CVUT/CIIRC on Nov 11th. The detailed agenda will be sent to invited teams.

Points and team rankings:

For each discovered flag teams will be awarded 1 to 5 points based on the challenge difficulty. Should any two or more teams reach the same points total, the rank will be determined according to time when they gained the points (timestamp of submitted flag).

Quick facts:

  • CTF challenge for teams of maximum of 3 members.

  • 2 rounds - both in jeopardy style.

  • The 1st  round will be held online for 24 hours - Oct 13th 17:00 - Oct 14th 17:00 2017.

  • Top 10 teams from the online round will qualify for the final.

  • The final round will be held onsite in Prague on premises of CTU CIIRC on Nov 11 2017.

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